Upholstery Taster Weekend 18/19 November 2017

Start Date Finish Date Capacity Location Price
18 Nov 17 19 Nov 17 3 of 8 School of Stuff studio 195.00

Weekend taster session in traditional upholstery.  Upholstery is a traditional craft which uses materials and techniques developed over centuries to produce elegant, comfortable seating that will last generations.  You will learn about the tools, materials, and history of the craft and we will teach you some key techniques. Over the weekend you will learn how to upholster a drop-in seat for a dining chair (either your own or one we can provide). The course is designed as an introduction, so that you can see if you like traditional upholstery. If you do, we have plenty of courses you can progress to. 10.00am to 4.00pm both Saturday and Sunday.

Studio Saturday 09 December 2017

Start Date Finish Date Capacity Location Price
9 Dec 17 9 Dec 17 4 of 8 School of Stuff studio 75.00

A one day session where you can bring pretty much anything furniture-wise and spend the day doing whatever you want with it; upholster it, restore it, strip it, paint it, reconfigure it or turn it into firewood - whatever you like. Come and use our equipment, materials and expertise, and move a project on, or start something new, or just give something a quick makeover. 10.00am to 5.00pm. You will need a project, obviously, and if you're not sure whether it is suitable or not email with an image. We do these sessions about once a month, always on Saturdays.

Open Workshop 13 January 2018

Start Date Finish Date Capacity Location Price
13 Jan 18 13 Jan 18 8 of 8 School of Stuff studio 35.00

Open session where you can rent benchspace and tools for the day. The workshop is well-equipped and flexible. We don't have the full range of machines that you might expect in a dedicated furniture making workshop (because we are not that), but we have the basics: a bandsaw, a router, a pillar drill and a full range of handtools for woodwork. and for upholstery we have sewing machines, compressed air staple guns and all handtools. There is no teaching but there is technical help on hand.  For woodworkers, furniture makers, upholsterers, restorers and upcyclers. Opening hours 10.00am to 5.00pm. Let us know what you want to do so that we can do our best to accommodate you. Email


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