five day intensive courses & masterclasses

Outside normal term times we offer intensive five day courses, running Monday to Friday, on a range of furniture related subjects. Some of these sessions are project based, and generally involve bringing a piece of furniture and upholstering it or restoring it, but we also put on masterclasses where we invite a specialist practitioner to come and teach for a week. All the courses are suitable for beginners, but practicing upholsterers, restorers and makers might benefit from learning a new skill. Most, but not all, of the five day intensive courses happen over the summer.

Studio Week - 5 Day Intensive

This is a free-for-all project based week, like our Studio Saturdays, but stripped across five days, where you can do anything you like as long as it vaguely furniture related.  You need to bring a piece of furniture or an idea and we can help you fix it, alter it, or realise it, teaching you the necessary skills and showing you how to use our equipment.

Modern Upholstery - Five Day Intensive

Learn modern upholstery techniques with the expert! Sharon Hennessy has run her own upholstery business for many years and is also a talented and experienced teacher. Bring a post-1950 chair to this five day class, and you will learn whatever skills you need to turn it into something glorious. 

Furniture restoration  - 5 day Intensive

Five day project based session in which you will restore a piece of furniture. Bring a piece of old, damaged, or worn furniture and we will teach you the skills to make it beautiful again. 

Project upholstery with Amanda Girling-Budd - five day intensive

Bring a chair and spend five days learning how to reupholster it. You will learn either traditional or modern upholstery techniques depending on the age and design of your chair.  Amanda will share a wealth of skill and knowledge of modern and historical craft techniques in this five day session. 

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