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Upholstery is a core subject of The School of Stuff. We teach traditional and modern upholstery and we offer a range of upholstery courses to suit different needs, from a two year course in traditional upholstery techniques for career changers to our project based twelve week evening classes for people who are doing upholstery for fun.  We run occasional five day intensive courses, weekend taster courses for beginners, and a one year one day a week course in modern techniques which is geared towards those wanting to set up in business.  So something for everyone.

If you need further information or want to discuss a project for a course, get in touch via email. You can also have a look at our FAQs page.

Upholstery - Taster Weekend

Occcasional weekend taster sessions in traditional upholstery, where you will learn some basic techniques and be introduced to tools and materials, and the history of upholstery. 

Upholstery - Monday Evening

12 week project based upholstery session on Monday evenings, taught by Sharon Hennessy.

Modern Upholstery - Five Day Intensive

Learn modern upholstery techniques with the expert! Sharon Hennessy has run her own upholstery business for many years and is also a talented and experienced teacher. Bring a post-1950 chair to this five day class, and you will learn whatever skills you need to turn it into something glorious. 

Project upholstery with Amanda Girling-Budd - five day intensive

Bring a chair and spend five days learning how to reupholster it. You will learn either traditional or modern upholstery techniques depending on the age and design of your chair.  Amanda will share a wealth of skill and knowledge of modern and historical craft techniques in this five day session. 

Modern Upholstery Techniques - 1 year

One year course designed for career changers or serious hobbyists. Topics include modern upholstery techniques, modern materials, using an air compressor and staple gun, advanced machining skills, cushions and loose cover making, estimating, setting up a workshop, and marketing.

Professional Traditional Upholstery - 2 year

Two year step-by-step course in traditional upholstery, designed for career changers. Learn craft techniques and use traditional materials to build long-lasting upholstery structures.

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