Furniture restoration  – Wednesday Evening

Furniture student restoring a wooden chair

12 week project based furniture restoration, re-upholstery, re-making, re-vamping or re-configuring session, 6.30pm to 9.30pm, taught by Amanda Girling-Budd.

You can learn traditional restoration skills in this class, or learn how to revamp or upcycle a piece of furniture, antique or modern. Or, if you are really adventurous, make new furniture from recycled old furniture.  The course is project based, so you will need to bring something, but it would be good to discuss it first.  Email us:  

The term fee includes some materials. The workshop is equipped for pretty much anything you want to do with wood and upholstery, but other materials such as metal or plastic might be trickier, so we should discuss what you want to do before you sign up. There is a week’s break for half-term on this course, which normally coincides with local schools.

Limited to 8 people.

course details

26 September to 12 December 2018

£485 per person

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