weekend courses

Open Workshop

Open session where you can rent benchspace and tools for the day. The workshop is well-equipped and flexible. There is no teaching but there is technical help on hand. For woodworkers, furniture makers, upholsterers, restorers and upcyclers.

Studio Saturday

A one day session where you can bring pretty much anything furniture-wise and spend the day doing whatever you want with it; upholster it, restore it, strip it, paint it, reconfigure it or turn it into firewood – whatever you like.

Upholstery - Taster Weekend

Occcasional weekend taster sessions in traditional upholstery, where you will learn some basic techniques and be introduced to tools and materials, and the history of upholstery. 

Chair Caning

Learn how to re-cane a chair using a centuries old technique of weaving split bamboo cane. Weekend session.

Seat rushing weekend

Learn how to make a traditional rustic seat from wetland rushes over a weekend, using an ancient but easy to learn skill.

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